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It totally blew my mind when I first thumbed through this new book. There were just soo many amazingly original ideas that I wasn’t sure where to start. In the end, we did a shape walk exercise that produced awesome presentations.
John Donhee
- Teacher, New York, U.S.A.

Ultimate Trip Travel Brochure

Appropriate for Grades: 3 up Overview: Using a Word Processor or desktop publishing template, produce a travel brochure that depicts the students’ ultimate trip. Unlike an adult’s trip, it might include theme parks, outer space, food outlets or places kids like to go. Activity: Start a word process or desktop publishing program. Choose a brochure […]

Skin My Mobile

Appropriate for Grades: 6 up Overview: Mobile phones are the latest fashion accessory. Have students measure an example phone, or their own, and design a sticker/skin to fit. It should express something about them, their interests and loves. Activity: Take a mobile phone and measure the main surfaces where a sticker could be attached. Record […]

Game On!

Appropriate for Grades: 4 up Overview: Use PowerPoint to build a storyboard for a video game. Use each slide as a level of the game explaining what would happen. Students can add graphics, directions and maps for their game. Activity: Open PowerPoint. Begin a new slideshow. Start storyboarding the game. Use one slide for each […]

MP3 Radio

Appropriate for Grades: 5 up Overview: Produce a radio show using MP3 files taken from downloaded royalty free music. Add in voiceovers to lead from one song to another or add local news and advertising. Activity: Open Windows Media Player. Download royalty free music from sites such as Write a series of radio voiceovers, […]

Animated Paintings

Appropriate for Grades: 3 Up Overview: Use a drawing program and GIF animator to animate a famous painting. It might be a portrait whose eyes move or a bike rider whose legs move. Activity: Open an Internet browser . Navigate to a site with royalty free photographs of famous paintings. Choose a famous painting such […]

The Animated Moon

Appropriate for Grades: 5 up Overview: Produce an animated slideshow that shows how the moon moves around the earth. Include a written and verbal explanation. Activity: Start PowerPoint. Fill in the title slide. Insert a new slide and make it blank. Import clipart or pictures of the Moon, Earth and Sun. These could also be […]

How Fast will it Fall?

Appropriate for Grades: 6 up Overview: Use a webcam to record a collection of objects being dropped from the same height. Import the videos into Moviemaker and work out the time taken for the objects to hit the ground. Use this data to work out their speed in a spreadsheet. Activity: Plug in a webcam […]

Virtual Cows Eye Dissection

Appropriate for Grades: 6 up Overview: Students watch and record the process of dissecting a cow’s eye online. They record what they see as a science report. Activity: Open a word processor. Title the page “Virtual Cow’s Eye Dissection”. Leave a line space. Launch the Internet browser. Click in the address bar and type: […]

Mystical Creature Zoo

Appropriate for Grades: 1 up Overview: Students will love this activity because they get the chance to mix and match animal parts to come up with a previously undiscovered creature for the class zoo. Activity: Open a drawing program like KidPix. Start a new drawing. Using the drawing tools, have the students design and draw […]

Phasing the Moon

Appropriate for Grades: 3 up Overview: Over the period of a month, chart the phases of the moon into the table. Students could use photographs of the moon from each night or simple icons/clipart taken from drawings that they have created / scanned in. Activity: Open a word processor . Insert the heading “Phases of […]