Ultimate Trip Travel Brochure


Appropriate for Grades: 3 up


Using a Word Processor or desktop publishing template, produce a travel brochure that depicts the students’ ultimate trip. Unlike an adult’s trip, it might include theme parks, outer space, food outlets or places kids like to go.


  • Start a word process or desktop publishing program.
  • Choose a brochure template.
  • Discuss as a class where specific information should go on a
  • brochure such as what shows when it is folded.
  • Fill in the title information and contact information.
  • Launch an Internet browser .
  • Search for images and information about places that they would like to visit. (Try to use royalty free images.)
  • Save images to the local computer (delete when finished).
  • Collect and type this information into a usable format.
  • Add the images and text to the brochure.
  • Ensure that data such as prices, dates available, accommodation choices are all included.
  • Save and print a color copy on a duplex printer so that both sides of the paper are printed.
  • Fold and present the brochure.


Resources/Materials Needed:

  • Software: Word Processor, desktop publisher, Internet browser
  • Paper / Printer
  • Internet connection
  • Clipart / photos


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