Fairytale Doodling

Appropriate for Grades: 1 up


Using a graphics program like KidPix, have the student complete a freehand drawing of a fairytale that they are studying. Encourage them to use a range of drawing tools such as the pencil, paintbrush and spray can to illustrate the story characters. This activity not only promotes artistic ability but improves fine motor skills, mouse control and menu / tools recognition.


  • Start a graphics program like KidPix.
  • Choose an appropriate color and tool e.g. the pencil set to
  • brown to draw a bear.
  • Draw each of the story characters switching colors where
  • necessary.
  • Add in background and other finer details.
  • Allow the students time to use the drawing tools and complete
  • their pictures.
  • Save and print a copy.


Resources/Materials Needed:

  • Software: KidPix, drawing program
  • Printer, paper


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