The Animated Moon

Appropriate for Grades: 5 up


Produce an animated slideshow that shows how the moon moves around the earth. Include a written and verbal explanation.


  • Start PowerPoint.
  • Fill in the title slide.
  • Insert a new slide and make it blank.
  • Import clipart or pictures of the Moon, Earth and Sun.
  • These could also be drawn using the Drawing tools.
  • Click on the first object.
  • Go to Slideshow menu then Custom animation.
  • Click on Add effect: Motion Path: Draw custom path: Freeform.
  • Using the pencil, draw the path that the object takes e.g. the
  • moon moves around the Earth
  • Insert a text box and add an explanation of the illustration.
  • Using the microphone, record a verbal explanation and set it to
  • play when clicked.
  • Add new slides to show the way that the Earth moves around
  • the Sun
  • Insert buttons to click to move to the next slide.
  • Complete and test the presentation.


Resources/Materials Needed:

  • Software: PowerPoint
  • Paper / Printer Microphone


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