Mystical Creature Zoo

Appropriate for Grades: 1 up


Students will love this activity because they get the chance to mix and match animal parts to come up with a previously undiscovered creature for the class zoo.


  • Open a drawing program like KidPix.
  • Start a new drawing.
  • Using the drawing tools, have the students design and draw a
  • creature that combines parts of all different animals.
  • They could have the head of a lion, eyes from a fly, legs from
  • an emu, and the body of a crocodile.
  • Choose the text tool and type the creatures name – “A
  • Lionodile”
  • Draw lines to each body part.
  • Label the parts of the body and which animals they come from.
  • Save and print a copy.
  • Collect and place in a wall display laid out like a zoo.

Resources/Materials Needed:

  • Software: KidPix, drawing program
  • Paper / Printer

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