Game On!

Appropriate for Grades: 4 up


Use PowerPoint to build a storyboard for a video game. Use each slide as a level of the game explaining what would happen. Students can add graphics, directions and maps for their game.


  • Open PowerPoint.
  • Begin a new slideshow.
  • Start storyboarding the game.
  • Use one slide for each level of the game.
  • Insert graphics and text to illustrate what they would like to see and what the player would be required to do.
  • After each graphical slide, add a slide to explain what the player is required to do to complete that level.
  • Include slides for the rules, tips, cheats, etc
  • Save as “game slides”.


Resources/Materials Needed:

  • Software: PowerPoint
  • Paper / Printer
  • Clipart, graphics

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