Synonym Names

Appropriate for Grades: 3 up


In this lesson the students will produce a 1 page poster that contains their name, an acrostic poem and a collection of synonyms.


  • Open a word processor .
  • Type the heading ME.
  • Leave a couple of lines space then type the first letter of a name.
  • Press enter to go down to the next line and type the second letter .
  • Repeat this process until all letters of the name have been typed.
  • Using the arrow keys, move back up to next to the first letter
  • and turn the name into an acrostic poem.
  • Move back to the first letter / word again and press the spacebar then a dash then leave a space.
  • Type 3 synonyms for each word in the acrostic.
  • Save and print a copy.

Resources/Materials Needed:

  • Software: word processor
  • Printer, paper • clipart

Further ideas and comments

Students might like to change the colors of the writing and add clipart to their work.
Brave – strong, courageous, hardy Radical – wild, fun, unusual
Attentive – awake, aware, conscientious Deadly – harmful, homicidal, injurious

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