Skin My Mobile

Appropriate for Grades: 6 up


Mobile phones are the latest fashion accessory. Have students measure an example phone, or their own, and design a sticker/skin to fit. It should express something about them, their interests and loves.


  • Take a mobile phone and measure the main surfaces where a sticker could be attached.
  • Record the measurements.
  • Open a drawing program.
  • Draw the outline of the sticker to scale to the measurements they took.
  • Slowly build the complete layout for the sticker. This might include the keyboard too.
  • When the outline is done, select all components and group them into one shape.
  • Using a mixture of fonts, clipart/graphics and colors, build a design that could go onto the phone.
  • Save and print a copy in color.
  • Possibly print a copy onto clear sticker sheets which can be purchased from Office supplies store.


Resources/Materials Needed:

  • Software: graphics / drawing software
  • Paper / Printer
  • Plastic sticker sheets
  • Measuring tools

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