25 Successful Microsoft Word Projects

“Here is the Microsoft Word Lesson Plans Collection You Need – No Matter What Grade You Teach…100% Guaranteed!

Each one of the 25 projects provides a unique learning experience for your students. (Actually, we have included 26 lessons because I didn’t want to leave one of them out 🙂

They’ve also been tested out in classrooms to ensure that your job is made easier not harder through integration problems.

If you would like to use Word in your classroom without spending days teaching the boring basics, then you’ll find this book a great resource. As each student words their way through a project, they learn skills as they go, not as separate skill lessons. Then you can, if you want to, adjust the lesson plan slightly to suit a whole range of classroom applications.

For example, the Tickets project could be adjusted so that students could make tickets for school functions and raffles.

Whether you are teaching 10 year olds or 50 year olds, these projects are perfect for your class. Each lesson is designed to take in the real world applications of Word.

Let’s face it… why teach a skill or application which isn’t going to help your students in their daily use of computers. You will find the instructions are laid out in clear, precise steps that take the user from starting Word, through to the end of the project and printing out the final result.

Some project titles:

  • Resume Cover Letter
  • Business Cards
  • Personal Letter Name
  • Card Brochure
  • Advertising Flyer
  • Company Introduction Letter
  • Cheques
  • Tickets
  • Newspaper
  • Advertisement
  • Laser Labels
  • With Compliments Slip.
  • Web Site Review
  • Evaluating a Web Page

Throughout the book, we have incorporated many different skills and commands found in Word. Some of these include, envelopes & labels, headers, alignment, justification, editing, graphics, masking and tables.

All you need to do is photocopy the instructions and hand them out! Everything else is contained within Word itself…

  • Save time
  • Great to give to substitute teachers
  • Fantastic time fillers for finished students
  • Get unlimited print rights for your school or classroom

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Have a great day teaching,

Brad Hauck
Author / Teacher

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