MP3 Radio

Appropriate for Grades: 5 up


Produce a radio show using MP3 files taken from downloaded royalty free music. Add in voiceovers to lead from one song to another or add local news and advertising.


  • Open Windows Media Player.
  • Download royalty free music from sites such as
  • Write a series of radio voiceovers, advertisements or news on
  • paper or using a word processor.
  • These should be worded so that they fit between certain tracks.
  • Open a recording program such as Audacity (freeware).
  • Plug in a microphone.
  • Record the series of radio voiceovers, advertisements or news.
  • Save each as an MP3
  • Import these MP3s into media player
  • Intersperse them between the songs so that the play list sounds
  • like a radio show.
  • Save the play list as “radio show”.
  • Output the list back to an MP3 player to share or burn to
  • CDROM.
  • Please consider the copywrite implications of this project and
  • take the time to use music respectfully.


Resources/Materials Needed:

  • Software: media player, Audacity, word processor
  • Paper / Printer
  • CDROM burner , blank CDs
  • MP3 player


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