Thematic Lesson Plans

Do you need Thematic Units of Work that Integrate Computers into the Most Popular Themes of Study?

Often, we get asked by other teachers:

  • How do I integrate computers into math, science, social studies, esl, english language or other subjects?”
  • “Computers are great to have but I don’t know how to plan lessons for our theme unit.”

Have you ever asked yourself this sort of question? I’m sure that as classroom teachers, we all have at some timeor another. Integrating subjects together under a common theme is a popular way to plan in elementary schools / primary school worldwide. It allows you to learn more about a topic, tie everything together (like it is applied in the ‘real world’) and teach your students in a way that is interesting and fun.

Planning is an area where many people have trouble, yet it doesn’t have to be that way. This new series of books are being specifically written based upon the most popular theme topics (thematic units) in the world. Each one contains over a terms worth of lesson plans. Some take one 45 minute lesson whilst others can take weeks to complete in their entirety. But they all use computers in other curriculum areas.

Choose a title from the covers below to read more about how you can integrate computers into these common themes.

insect lesson plans
weather lesson plans
space lesson plans

This series will always continue to grow as we have compiled a list of over 50 themes.