Poetry to Sit Still For

Appropriate for Grades: 4 up


Build a collection of different types of poems. Compile a booklet with an explanation of a type of poetry and an example on each page.


  • Start a word processor .
  • Make a title page headed “Poetry Anthology”.
  • Begin a new page
  • Head the page with a type of poetry.
  • Leave a line space.
  • Add a definition / description of the poetry.
  • Leave a line space.
  • Add a poem of choice to illustrate the poetry type.
    •  limerick
    •  alliteration
    •  cinquain
    •  onomatopoeia o couplet
    •  metaphor
    •  haiku
    •  hyperbole
    •  imagery
    •  alliteration
    •  nursery rhyme
  • Repeat the process to complete the anthology.
  • Poems can be collected from books or the Internet. Ensure that
  • they are correctly referenced.


Resources/Materials Needed:

Software: word processor
Printer, paper
Poetry websites and books
Collection of poetry styles and definitions


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