Phasing the Moon

Appropriate for Grades: 3 up


Over the period of a month, chart the phases of the moon into the table. Students could use photographs of the moon from each night or simple icons/clipart taken from drawings that they have created / scanned in.


  • Open a word processor .
  • Insert the heading “Phases of the Moon”.
  • Leave a line space.
  • Insert a table that is 7 columns x 6 rows.
  • In the first row, type the days of the week.
  • Select the days, apply bold and adjust font size and style.
  • Insert the dates into each box to make a calendar.
  • Save the file.
  • Each night take a photograph of the moon and download.
  • Insert and resize the photograph into the calendar each morning.
  • Repeat the process until the calendar has been completed for one month.
  • In the event the moon can’t be photographed, have the students draw the moon in a drawing program or on paper then scan it into the computer.
  • Import and resize the image to fit into the calendar.
  • Upon completion, print a copy.


Resources/Materials Needed:

  • Software: word processor, drawing program
  • Digital camera, scanner
  • Printer, paper


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