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Envelope Word Lesson Plan

90 minutes

Word Processor, Paper, Printer

To develop an understanding of:

1. the layout of a envelope.
2. formatting of information.
3. checking spelling and grammar

Acquire a few different envelopes. Copy them for the class to view on paper or overhead projector. Show these to the students.

Examine the parts of the envelopes. Look at the layout and what information is contained in each. Discuss what they might put in their own envelope. Have students list this information so that they can refer to it when typing their own envelope. Discuss how they will prepare a ready-made envelope then do their own.

1. Start Microsoft Word.
2. Go to the Tools menu.
3. Click and drag to Envelopes and Labels.
4. In the Delivery Address box, type the address of the person to whom you are sending the letter.
5. In the Return Address, type your own address.
6. Click the Change Document button.
7. Your envelope will appear at the top of your document.
8. Choose Save As: from the File menu.
9. Navigate to your floppy disk or folder.
10. Type a name for your file - ENVELOPE.
11. Click the Save button.
12. Choose Print from the File menu.
13. Click the OK button to produce a paper copy of your work.

Check for good layout, easy to read, accurate copying and good spelling.

Have students prepare their own envelopes for a range of jobs.